How To Shift a Domain Name Between Two GoDaddy Accounts

How to shift a domain between two godaddy accounts

I fall in great problem when I accidently registered one of my domain name in my ‘personal’ account, instead of my ‘company’ account.

I thought I can get a solution through GoDaddy’s support forums but it is like a needle search in the haystack, so I put together and make a useful article as a straightforward how-to post to help people that need to shift a domain name in one account to another account.

While my situation is not same to all (most of the people have only one GoDaddy account), This will help who need to transfer a domain name to someone else with a Godaddy account.

Note: Ownership transfer of a domain between two GoDaddy accounts is completely free. But if you want to switch between GoDaddy and another domain registrar then you get charged.

Step 1:

Godaddy domain manager

Log in to your GoDaddy account and go to domain manager page (see picture). There you will see a list of all domain names which you currently registered. In the image, I blacked out my own domain names for privacy reasons.

Step 2:

select domain name for transfer

Check the box next to the domain name you want to transfer (like above picture).
Then click “More” in the menu above your domain list and select “begin account change” like below picture.

Godaddy begin account change

Step 3:

Then in the email box, you need to put your other account email address or the other person account email address who going to receive your domain name. Please see bellow……

account change enter email address of recipient

Step 4:

Next, there are two ways to do this process:

1. The Easy Way:

For this process select ‘I have recipient’s customer account #/username’ if you know the account username of the person you are giving to send the domain name. If you choose this option then you can skip the next step. I recommend contact with the person and collect information before you initiate ownership change.

2. The Difficult Way:

This way only followed if you don’t have their username. For this, you need to select ‘enter new details’. That means you have to enter their name, address, phone number, etc which also you need to collect. It is so much easier way if you simply collect their username.

Step 5:

Confirm and submit information:

It is important to get the correct contact details, right? However, if you get the wrong username, GoDaddy will show an ‘invalid’ warning before you submit the correct information.

Step 6:

If you are the “Sender account holder”, your job is done already. If you are the “Recipient account holder” then this is where your job starts now:

The recipient will receive a notification email to his/her inbox that there is a domain name waiting for an account change issue. This email is time-sensitive, however, so the recipient needs to respond fast.

The Pending Account Change lasts for 7 days only. So if the recipient account holder does not accept the new domain in this timeframe, then the first account holder needs to follow this process again.

In the Recipient’s account, need to go Domains and then select “Pending Account Changes” from the drop-down menu like below image.

select pending account changes

Then go to ‘Incoming Pending Changes’, select the domain name (it should be in the name list) and select “Accept” from the top menu.

Godaddy incoming account changes

The new domain name should show up in your domain list right away.


Two Potential solutions:

To change any domain name needs to propagate through the DNS, which in simple plain English. That means there tend to be delayed between when the pending change happens and when it shows up in the new account. When I did, it was instantaneous. But if it is not instant for you, give it a few hours before investigating further.
For whatever reason, you may get the ‘pending domain change’ email. It still is not showing up in your account list. But that is okay. Just click ‘Accept Email Changes’, and then enter your transaction ID and security code (those are located in your email).

There’s a five-day delay between when you register the domain name and when you can transfer it. GoDaddy doesn’t give a reason why, but it’s probably to do with ICANN regulations. Anyway, if you just registered the domain name, then you need to wait for five days to pass before initiating a transfer.

Here is a Walkthrough of the process for the more visually minded: